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Stick Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro Senior

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FLEX: 85

The Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro is much more than just a hockey stick. It is the result of two decades of research and experience, designed with hockey's elite in mind. This club is designed to take your game to the next level, giving you maximum performance and superior power that will make you stand out and dominate on the court.

What makes the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro exceptional is its Taper Saber , which offers a stable, powerful and controlled release with pinpoint precision, surprising goalkeepers and taking your shots to another level. Plus, its ergonomic design fits comfortably and firmly in your hands, improving the feel of the puck and giving you the ultimate control you need on the ice.

The revolutionary RLC 188 (Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 188) construction is the key to the durability and lightness of the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro. This construction uses advanced material selection and processing technologies, making it extremely light and strong.

Durability is a priority , and the Minimus Carbon 25 material ensures that this stick can withstand everything the game throws at it. The FuelCore Ultra Blade, with its extended strength and carbon fiber layered design, adds durability while maintaining a crisp, responsive feel.

For an optimized gaming experience, the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro features Apex Grip Texture technology. This feature offers improved feel and superior stick handling, keeping the stick securely in your hands and allowing you to focus on the game.

Take your game to the next level with the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro. With its unmatched performance, superior construction, and exceptional durability, this stick is in a league of its own. Dominate the ice and leave your opponents speechless with the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro.

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