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Warrior Ritual V3 Pro+ Senior Goalkeeper Stick

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COLOR: Black White

The Warrior Ritual V3 PRO Goalie Stick Senior is a true masterpiece in terms of performance and design. This high-end stick offers a number of impressive features:

  • Elite Performance: Designed for elite goaltenders, this stick provides exceptional on-ice performance, allowing you to excel in every game.

  • Easy Loading Profile with Medium Flex: Thanks to its medium flex profile, loading your shots is easy and efficient, resulting in maximum shooting power.

  • Iridescent chrome details: Chrome details with an iridescent effect give it a striking and elegant look, ensuring you stand out in goal.

  • Minimus Carbon 12: This ultra-light material ensures a perfect combination of value and performance, allowing you to handle the club with ease.

  • SlideGrip Technology: With SlideGrip technology, you get superior grip and exceptional control in all game situations.

  • VibexLite Technology - Vibration Reduction: VibexLite reduces unwanted vibrations, giving you a more comfortable feel and eliminating the occasional pain associated with composite clubs.

  • HiFused construction for a premium balanced feel: HiFused construction ensures a balanced, premium feel in your hands, allowing you to maintain control at all times.

  • Impact Fiber layer for greater shaft durability: The Impact Fiber layer on the shaft of the stick increases its durability, ensuring that it will accompany you for a long time.

  • TwinSpar reinforcement on the blade for superior stability: The TwinSpar reinforcement on the blade provides additional stability, which is essential for your safety in goal.

  • Clear, bright finish on the blade and blade: The clear, bright finish on the blade and blade not only gives it a professional look, but also improves its aerodynamics on the ice.

In short, the Warrior Ritual V3 PRO Goalie Stick Senior is the ultimate choice for goalies looking for exceptional performance, eye-catching design and a premium feel in a single stick. This club is designed to take your game to the next level.

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