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Warrior Ritual V3 Pro Senior Goalkeeper Stick

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COLOR: Black White

The Warrior Ritual V3 PRO Goalie Stick Senior is a true elite performance gem for goalkeepers. This stick combines exceptional features that make it stand out:

  • Its easy loading profile with medium flex maximizes shooting power, making it a lethal tool in the hands of an experienced goalie.

  • The iridescent chrome details give it a stunning and eye-catching look, standing out on the track.

  • It is made with Minimus Carbon 12, an ultralight material that guarantees an optimal balance between value and performance.

  • SlideGrip technology ensures superior grip and effective grip, allowing you to have exceptional control in every situation.

  • VibexLite technology reduces vibrations, providing a more comfortable feel and eliminating that occasional pain and wear and tear that can be felt on composite clubs.

  • HiFused construction offers a premium balanced feel, allowing you to stay in control at all times.

  • The Impact Fiber layer on the shaft improves durability, ensuring this stick will see you through many games.

  • The TwinSpar reinforcement on the blade provides additional stability, which is essential for your safety in goal.

  • The clear, glossy finish on the blade and blade provides a professional, streamlined look.

In short, the Warrior Ritual V3 PRO Goalie Stick Senior is an exceptional choice for goalkeepers looking for the best performance and impressive design in a single stick.

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